Charity of the Week

May 11th - 24th, 2017

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Conceive, design and implement sustainable projects to educate and train people so that they can be better skilled to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Kozefò is a mergence of two Kreyól words: Koze and Fò, meaning, to speak in a loud voice.
Kozefò, as an organization, believes education is not only about learning to read the words on the page, but also learning to read the world. It is only by understanding the world that we can change it and we can only change it together. This is the true meaning of Kozefò, people together, hand in hand, speaking in a loud voice for change.

The goal of Kozefò (formerly Partners In Education) is to give quality and accurate educational programs to children and adults and work to improve the socio-economic and political conditions that can affect education. To provide shelter, clothing, food, water, and access to education to the students in their care. Visit them online at: