Charit of the Week

How much of the $1.00 donation does the Charity of the Week receive?

The Charity receives the entire $1.00 donation that is made.

Does Crafts Direct receive a tax write off for these donations?

No. Crafts Direct does not & cannot claim the donations collected as a tax write off. The $1.00 donation comes from the customer.

Can I claim the donations I have made to the Charity of the Week?

Yes. Just keep your receipts & turn them in when you file your taxes.

How can I make a suggestion for the Charity of the Week?

The charities for this year have already been chosen. If you would like to make a suggestion for next year, please send an email to with the name of the charity & a link to their website if they have one.

Can I choose one of the other Charities of the Week if I prefer not to give to the current charity?

Yes. If you'd prefer you can donate to any of this year's selected charities instead of the current one.