Register for Classes:

You may sign up for classes at the customer service desk, or call 654-0907. Class fees are due at the time of sign-up to reserve your spot. We gladly accept credit cards over the phone for your convenience. If you are signing up for a class or have already please read our class policies.

Classroom Info:

We have a large classroom that is available for you to use!

The classroom is open:
Monday - Friday: 10am to 3pm (8pm if there are no evening classes)
Saturday: 10am to 7pm (if there are no classes)
Sunday: 11am to 5pm (if there are no classes)

The classroom is free to use during these times and no registration is required. We ask that you call the day before or morning of just to make sure a last minute class has not been scheduled. Please check in at Customer Service upon arrival. A tab can be started for you there.