Favorite Things Paint Can

Project Sheet: cd1082

Favorite Things Paint Can

Favorite Things Paint Can

Project Sheet: cd1082


• Large paint can

• 2- Coordinating 12x12 paper

• Coordinating ribbons

• White vinyl letters

• Double stick tape

• White vinyl snowflakes


1. Cut one piece of paper smaller than front of paint can. Use your white vinyl letters to write out "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things".

2. Mat this on to the 2nd piece of coordinating paper.

3. Use double stick tape to apply to front of can.

4. Use coordinating ribbons and tie them around the top of the can and tie into a bow.

5. Embellish back and top of can with white vinyl snowflakes.

6. Fill the paint can with some of your favorite things to give to someone as a Christmas gift.

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