Felt Piggy Bank

Project Sheet: cd1533

Felt Piggy Bank

Felt Piggy Bank

Project Sheet: cd1533


• 1 piece felt
• 1 black button
• Pink embroidery floss
• Needle
• scissors


Click here for template.

1. Cut out two of each template.

2. Cut piggybank slot into front of the pig.

3. Lay one pocket piece with one pig piece-wrong sides together. Sew around the slot.

4. Now line up the two pocket pieces, sew together, without catching the pig piece. The pocket is complete.

5. Now pin the two pig pieces together-wrong sides together. Blanket stitch the two together.

6. Finish by sewing the button in place for the pig’s eye.

7. Now fill your felt piggy bank with coins!

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