Happy Easter Fillable Frame

Project Sheet: cd1291

Happy Easter Fillable Frame

Happy Easter Fillable Frame

Project Sheet: cd1291


• Frame
• Paper-Bo Bunny Double Dot (Flamingo)
• Cardstock-Bazzill
• Easter Grass
• Jelly Beans
• Ribbon-American Crafts (Grape)
• Vinyl—Happy Easter
• Glossy Accents
• Paper Trimmer
• Tape Runner


1. Disassemble the frame.

2. Remove the mat from the inner photo piece.

3. Turn the mat upside down on top of a piece of decorative paper. Trace around, and cut out. Adhere to the mat using a tape runner.

4. Place a piece of cardstock behind the mat to cover the opening.

5. Run a small line of Glossy Accents along the inner edge of the mat.

6. Place inner black frame piece on top of the Glossy Accents, and let dry.

7. Using a tape runner, adhere the ribbon along the 4 sides of the mat, trimming to fit.

8. Tie ribbon into a bow, and adhere to the top edge of the inner black piece using Glossy Accents. Let dry.

9. Place the Easter grass and jelly beans inside of the inner frame piece.

10. Place glass and frame back on top, and put back together.

11. Add the vinyl quote to the top of the glass on the frame following the instructions on the vinyl.

12. Enjoy!!

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