Noodle Yarn Heart Bag

Project Sheet: cd1278

Noodle Yarn Heart Bag

Noodle Yarn Heart Bag

Project Sheet: cd1278


• 4 skeins light pink Noodles t-shirt yarn
• 2 skeins white Noodles t-shirt yarn
• Size 19 knitting needles
• Darning needle


Special notes
-You will have three active skeins on rows 5-18, and five
active skeins in rows 19-23. You may cut pieces from a
skein for the rows with five active strands however, since
you won’t need near a full skein for these sections.

-The last row of the heart pattern is only knitted once instead
of twice, so that all of the loose ends are on the same side.


-This type on pattern knitting has a right and a wrong side.
Make sure the wrong side is on the inside of the bag so that
the nice side shows.


-If you are unfamiliar with knitting with multiple colors, look
up videos/tips on “intarsia knitting.”


-Finished dimensions will be approximately 13’’x9’’.


Heart panel
Cast on 25 stitches with the pink yarn
White yarn will be in brackets


Rows 1-4: Knit

Rows 5-6: k12, switch to white- [k1],
switch to pink- k12


Rows 7-8: k11, [k3], k11

Rows 9-10: k10, [k5], k10

Rows 11-12: k9, [k7], k9

Rows 13-14: k8, [k9], k8

Rows 15-16: k7, [k11], k7

Rows 17-18: k6, [k13], k6

Rows 19-20: k6, [k6], k1, [k6], k6

Rows 21-22: k7, [k4], k3, [k4], k7

Row 23- k8, [k2], k5, [k2], k8

Rows 24-27: Knit
Cast off, weave in ends


Blank panel
Cast on 25 stitches with the pink yarn


Knit all 27 rows
Cast off, weave in ends


Bag strap
Cast on 3 stitches with the white yarn, leaving about a 12’’ tail


Knit every rows until desired length
Cast off, leaving a tail


-There will be 8 loose pieces of yarn ends in the back of the
heart panel after the pattern is completed. Tie the ends
closest to each other together. Reinforce with fabric glue or a
needle and thread if desired.
-Using a darning needle, stitch the panels together with the
extra pink yarn.
-Using the extra yarn at the ends of the strap, stitch the strap
to the bag.

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