Pillowcase - Burrito Style

Project Sheet: cd2775

Pillowcase - Burrito Style

Pillowcase - Burrito Style

Project Sheet: cd2775


  • 27” Main fabric
  • 2” Accent fabric
  • 9” cuff fabric
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine iron
  • Pins


1. First, from the accent fabric cut a 2” strip.  Fold this strip in half and press to create a 1” x 44” accent piece.

2. Now we will lay the fabrics out on a table stacking them in this order:

  • Place the 9" cuff fabric right-side up.
  • Place the 27" main fabric right-side up, aligning the top (44”) raw edges.
  • Next, place the folded accent strip, so that the raw edges are aligned with the top raw edges of the other pieces.  Pin all layers together, to hold in place throughout next step.

3. Beginning at the bottom of the 27” piece  roll the fabric like a little "burrito." Stop rolling when you get to the center of the 9" cuff fabric.

4. Next, take the bottom-free edge of the cuff fabric and bring it up over the burrito. Align the raw edges with the raw edges of all the other fabrics. Pin in place along the raw edges, making sure to trap the skinny accent strip as well.  You will have five layers of fabric pinned together in this order: cuff-main-two edges of accent strip-cuff.

5. Now sew a ¼” seam across the width of the pillowcase which you just pinned together, creating a long tube.

6. To unroll the burrito, begin by pulling the rolled fabric out of one end of the long tube you just created.   

7. Keep pulling until the pillowcase is right side out.  Press the cuff flat.  The seams inside the cuff will lay towards the cuff and the actual accent strip will lie towards the main body of the pillowcase.

8. Now that all your layers are sewn together and before sewing up the sides; trim off the selvage and any extra length from the varying fabrics. 

9. To finish the pillowcase, we used French seams so all the seams will be enclosed.  Fold the pillowcase in half with wrong sides together.  Stitch a ¼” seam along bottom and side (the two remaining raw edges. )

10. Next turn the pillowcase wrong-side out and press the seam, poking out the corners.  Now sew a 3/8” seam over the seams you just sewed-enclosing them.  Turn right side out, press and you are finished.

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