Scarecrow Burlap Bag

Project Sheet: cd2790
UPC #: 420005002883

Scarecrow Burlap Bag

Scarecrow Burlap Bag

Project Sheet: cd2790
UPC #: 420005002883


  • Burlap Coffee Bag
  • Short Cuts Spray Paint (Espresso) - Krylon
  • (2) 3 1/4" Wood Circles - Darice
  • Gel Stain (Oak) - Americana
  • Acrylic Paint (Brown Velvet) - Ceramcoat
  • Hometown USA Yarn (Oakland Black) - Lion
  • Yarn Needle Size 13
  • Orange Felt
  • Curly Raffia
  • Fall Pick (Sunflower/Berry)
  • Jute 2ply
  • Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
  • Foam Brush
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Bags/Old Blanket for Stuffing


  1. From top (open end) of burlap sack, measure down about 8-10 inches.  Spray the top, 8-10 inches Espresso, spraying the front and back, not inside.

  2. Once dry, stuff the bag with stuffing, plastic bags, or an old blanket.  Gather up the top along the line between the natural burlap and the painted.  Tie in place with a piece of jute.

  3. Wrap the shank of raffia once around the jute and tie in place; using hot glue to secure the raffia to the jute and burlap.

  4. Bend the stem of fall floral to also wrap around the jute that is holding the bag closed.  Center the floral in front, hiding the stem beneath the raffia and hot glue to secure.

  5. Cut a triangle from the orange felt for the nose.  Hot glue to the center of the stuffed bag.

  6. Using a large blunt yarn needle, thread needle with chunky black yarn. To stitch the mouth, tie a knot on the end of the yarn; because of the loose weave of the burlap it is easy to pull the knot to the inside of bag hide it.  Begin on the right side by stitching an “X” and then stitch a running stitch in a curved line across the bag; ending with another large “X”.  Knot and once again pull the knot inside the bag.

  7. Use Gel Stain to stain wood circles, thinning Gel Stain down with water if desired.  Use Acrylic Paint to create a border around the wood circles and paint four large dots in the center to look like the buttons holes.

  8. Cut four short pieces of chunky black yarn.  Hot glue these to the front of each button (wood circle) from one painted “hole” to another to look like "X" stitches.  Hot glue the button eyes on the Scarecrow’s face and your fall decoration is complete.

  9. Display.

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