Trick or Treat Paint Can

Project Sheet: cd1028

Trick or Treat Paint Can

Trick or Treat Paint Can

Project Sheet: cd1028


• Gallon Paint Can

• Doodlebug Designs: Halloween Parade

     -Spooky Spots pattern paper #3902 (2 sheets)

     -Treat Bag pattern paper #3899

     -Orange Dots pattern paper

• Black Cardstock

• Coordinating rhinestones

• American Crafts: Glitter Thicker Letters

• Ultra Seal


1. Cut Polka Dot paper to fit around paint can. You will need to cut out holes where the handle goes into the bucket. One piece of paper will not fit around entire can so you will need to piece another sheet in. Use Ultra Seal to adhere to paint can.

2. Use the 5.75" circle die cut on the Accu-cut machine to cut a circle form the Treat Bag pattern paper. Adhere this circle to the top of the paint can.

3. Use die cut machine to cut a jack o’ lantern out of the orange paper. With remaining paper cut 2- 3"x12" strips of paper. Tear one 12" long edge of paper for a ripped effect. Adhere these strips with Ultra Seal along the bottom edge of the bucket (ripped edge up).

4. Glue black paper to the back of the orange jack o’ lantern so the eyes and mouth have black behind them.

5. Adhere pumpkin to the paint can with Ultra Seal.

6. Spell out your trick or treater’s name in the glitter sticker letters along the orange paper on bottom of paint can. (We also used the letters to write "Trick or Treat" on the back of the can).

7. Use rhinestones to embellish the polka dots.

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