Turquoise Leaf Double Strand Necklace

Project Sheet:
UPC #: 420004024596

Turquoise Leaf Double Strand Necklace

Turquoise Leaf Double Strand Necklace

Project Sheet:
UPC #: 420004024596


  • (1) “Focal Point” metal blue leaf pendant (2pc pack

  • (8) “Tiny Spacers” 3x5mm glass faceted rondelles, in Dark Green (95pc pack)

  • (21) “Darice” 3x6mm turquoise rondelles (7” strand

  • (16) “Toho” 11/0 seed beads, in Matte Moss (8g tube)

  • (39’’) “Steampunk” tiny oval chain, in Antique Gold (39’’ spool)

  • (1) Antique Gold toggle clasp

  • (7) Antique Gold eyepins

  • (5) Antique Gold 4mm open jump rings

  • Round nose pliers

  • Flat nose pliers

  • Wire cutter


  1. Slide a seed bead, a crystal, a seed bead, and a turquoise rondelle onto an eyepin. Repeat two more times. End with a seed bead, a crystal, and a seed bead. Make a loop at the other end of the eyepin using a round nose pliers and flat nose pliers. Use the wire cutter to trim any excess wire.

  2. Cut two lengths of chain at about 9” each. Connect each piece to the ends of the beaded eyepin, either by opening up a chain link or the eyepin loop. Connect both pieces of the toggle to the other ends of the chain, using two of the 4mm jump rings.

  3. Make six more beaded eyepins:

    1. Two with three turquoise rondelles

    2. Two with a seed bead, crystal, seed bead, turquoise rondelle, seed bead, crystal, and a seed bead

    3. Two with five turquoise rondelles

  4. Connect the eyepins together in the order listed above, by opening up the loops and securing them around the other eyepin loops. Connect a piece of chain (about an inch) between the two eyepins with five turquoise rondelles.

  5. Use a 4mm jump ring to connect the large blue leaf to the center of the small piece of chain.

  6. Cut two pieces of chain at about 10” each. Connect them to both open ends of the beaded eyepins. Connect the other ends to each side of the toggle using the last two jump rings. 

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