Zippered Bag

Project Sheet: cd1035

Zippered Bag

Zippered Bag

Project Sheet: cd1035


• Coats Fashion Closed End or All-Purpose 7" Zipper

• Dual Duty XP General Purpose thread, to match fabric

• Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz,

     -Timepieces-1/2 yard or fat quarter for bag

     -Documentation- 1/2 yard or fat quarter

• Lining Fabric

• Fusible Interfacing- 1/2 yard



1. Make a pattern by drawing a rectangle 18" (L) x 10"(W). Draw a line across the center of the rectangle. On each of the 10" ends, mark 1" from each side. Draw a line connecting these marks to the ends of the center line creating tapered sides. Each end will be 8" tapering to 10" at the center.

2. Cut the 1 each of the pattern from the print fabric and interfacing.

3. For the lining, fold the pattern in half and add 1/2" seam allowance to bottom (10") end. Cut 2 from lining fabric.

4. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the print fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Place zipper right sides together on one of the 8" ends of the print fabric. Place lining over zipper, right side down. Pin. Using a zipper foot, stitch 1/4" from raw edge. Press lining to inside. Repeat with other side of zipper.

6. Sew side seams together, being careful of zipper ends. Box the bottom corners of the bag by aligning the seam with the center of the bottom forming a point. Stitch across 1" from end of point. Repeat on other side seam.

7. Turn bag right side out. Pull lining out and align folds on bottom. Sew across bottom edges of lining to close. Tuck lining back into bag.

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